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Suprisingly decent.

Though the humor wasn't as funny as it was in the previous episodes what I am most distraught about is the animation. It looks like you make it more simpler so the product could be finished quicker. And to tell you the truth it doesn't look as good as it was in the previous episodes. Sure the backgrounds still look nice but the characters look so normal and Mastermind doesn't even look as menacing. Please go back to the old style, I felt I was watching a Mastermind in the early stages where you still hadn't finished coming up with the concept. At the least this should've just been put as a easter egg in one of the other mastermind episodes or a new one. I'm sorry if I sound harsh but this Episode just didn't do it for me.

Coolest thing I've seen pokemon-wise

But at least next time make a faction win and improve on some of the character (NOT POKEMON) designs. Not in appearance but in style wise, their eyes and mouths seemed very weird to look at but then again I don't draw animu.

I loved it.

It wasn't much in the diverse killing department it's just the basic time-tested madness formula. But I did love the shopping scene. That was possibly the funniest scene in madness history. Good job, I hope to see a cool entry for number 7 in the madness.

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5 Stars for the memories but I'm pretty sure this game is yet another casualty of the abandonment of flash. Look how they massacred my boy..

Fuck homework, Madness Retaliation time!

Not even gonna lie, I've spent the last day and a half trying to beat this game. And today I finally did it. And though the Auditor's room was kind of frustrating to navigate I eventually got to have the final showdown with the clones and beat the game. This game was great fun and I look forward to the sequel.
The only problem was I eventually had to scrap my original characters for an all-star cast (Tricky, Stanford (sp?), Tricky Agent & Hank) because I knew that having one guy on my team masquerading around as Hank would help in the long run and it did. I kind of felt it was missing a level up system but the option of just having your suit and weapons do the talking for you eventually got comfortable. The only downside is sometimes I spent awhile looking for stuff only to find in some rooms that 'The Wall is a lie.' There was even some grinding I had to do to get better gear which was probably a little hindered by respawning enemies in rooms. But nothing else gave me greater joy than absolutely raping a squad of certain enemy types I'd had trouble and half and hour before. The game was a whole little turn-based RPG wrapped into 9-10 hours and could easily be a downloadable game on Xbox Live Arcade/PSN. So all and all what I'm trying to say is...
Fuck windows.

I love it!

First off, I would like to say this is a very good game already. You've obviously spent a good amount of time in this and this demo is better than many full games on NG alone. But I would like to see some voice acting, it felt kind of weird having to read everything. But the dialogue was alright. I see nothing wrong with your English. But I would like some background on the characters. Maybe add an extras section in the games main menu and put short bios of the characters? But overall this game looks like it's gonna be a blast. I'm really looking forward to the full release, don't disappoint!

Snakex86 responds:

I added voice acting ... waiting to be approved by newground staff since the game reached a "certain amount of views".

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That is all. Nice choice of a beat by the way.

MadFLeX won

But song wise the battle was alright and the beat wasn't that great. But I love battles so I'll give it a decent score.

It's good.

But why so short? But it seems like it could be even better than it is right now if it was extended.

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It's alright.

I don't really like it. It lacks color, especially in the boring background. The woman who has a weird face and the hair of Sephiroth isn't really that special seeing that she's the focus of the picture. She has an manly looking neck and her boob hanging doesn't even look natural. I feel like you just put that feature in because you were bored. I seem to like the mushroom guy in the bottom right better than the 'mushroom lady.' But it seems you know how to draw well enough but it's just that I don't like it.
Inb4implying my opinion matters.

She's cute.

I'm guessing it was a quick sketch/drawing so I'm not going to grade it too harshly. The only real problems with it I have are the random dots on her hair, her boobs are a little low and her sitting stance. I don't know why artists draw girls in that sitting position occasionally. That position is uncomfortable, just try to sit in it! I wouldn't mind if her legs were in a little more but they aren't so we have an uncomfortable but sexy/cute Velma. But I can't complain much, I like it. Good job.

You might need to revise this, a lot.

First off the background is horrendous. I think you trying to make it look like he was falling but still in control (which rarely happens) so you blurred the background but it looks really bad. The design of the character looks like a combination of Samurai Champloo & Kingdom Hearts which really doesn't work. It looks like you tried to make him look hip but still maintain the fact he's a samurai. Or at least a samurai in training.
Anatomically wise it's not the worst but still needs some work. His upper torso, specifically the shoulders are a little wide and with the short shirt look like he's wearing some type of football pads. Maybe it's because his right shoulder looks like it's been dislocated. The face is just...sloppy. He has a giant forehead, the nose is a little small seeing how low his mouth is. And his ears are too small in relation to the eyes & nose. Also his left arm is positioned very uncomfortably. Not too mention the legs are a little weird.
His accessories/clothing are probably his worst features. The sword doesn't look like it matches the shape of his sheath. You should probably work on that shape because his sword right now looks very lame. His shirt is very ugly, just change it. The hakama is cool but you might need to work on the draping. The wrappings are weird and that shit would not be helpful in a fight because I'd try to grab him and strangle him with it, that'd probably break his arm as well seeing as where they're wrapped. The sheath and the sandals are basically the only thing I don't have a problem with in this picture. But you have a potential. You should probably work on anatomy and creativity and you'll be fine. Good luck!

i don't remember playing all these hentai games???

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