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Mushroom Lady Mushroom Lady

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It's alright.

I don't really like it. It lacks color, especially in the boring background. The woman who has a weird face and the hair of Sephiroth isn't really that special seeing that she's the focus of the picture. She has an manly looking neck and her boob hanging doesn't even look natural. I feel like you just put that feature in because you were bored. I seem to like the mushroom guy in the bottom right better than the 'mushroom lady.' But it seems you know how to draw well enough but it's just that I don't like it.
Inb4implying my opinion matters.

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Velma Velma

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

She's cute.

I'm guessing it was a quick sketch/drawing so I'm not going to grade it too harshly. The only real problems with it I have are the random dots on her hair, her boobs are a little low and her sitting stance. I don't know why artists draw girls in that sitting position occasionally. That position is uncomfortable, just try to sit in it! I wouldn't mind if her legs were in a little more but they aren't so we have an uncomfortable but sexy/cute Velma. But I can't complain much, I like it. Good job.

Satsuki Satsuki

Rated 2 / 5 stars

You might need to revise this, a lot.

First off the background is horrendous. I think you trying to make it look like he was falling but still in control (which rarely happens) so you blurred the background but it looks really bad. The design of the character looks like a combination of Samurai Champloo & Kingdom Hearts which really doesn't work. It looks like you tried to make him look hip but still maintain the fact he's a samurai. Or at least a samurai in training.
Anatomically wise it's not the worst but still needs some work. His upper torso, specifically the shoulders are a little wide and with the short shirt look like he's wearing some type of football pads. Maybe it's because his right shoulder looks like it's been dislocated. The face is just...sloppy. He has a giant forehead, the nose is a little small seeing how low his mouth is. And his ears are too small in relation to the eyes & nose. Also his left arm is positioned very uncomfortably. Not too mention the legs are a little weird.
His accessories/clothing are probably his worst features. The sword doesn't look like it matches the shape of his sheath. You should probably work on that shape because his sword right now looks very lame. His shirt is very ugly, just change it. The hakama is cool but you might need to work on the draping. The wrappings are weird and that shit would not be helpful in a fight because I'd try to grab him and strangle him with it, that'd probably break his arm as well seeing as where they're wrapped. The sheath and the sandals are basically the only thing I don't have a problem with in this picture. But you have a potential. You should probably work on anatomy and creativity and you'll be fine. Good luck!

Modern Heroes: Toob of Noobs Modern Heroes: Toob of Noobs

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I'll check the noobtoob out when I get some time.

I guess if you're promoting the show through art you've achieved your goal. And there's only a few problems with it. The hand of the guy holding the wine is bothering me, as well as the guy who's hand is at the end of the couch. The shadows also kind of distract me. Other than that the picture is alright, nothing special really, just some promotional art. Good job.

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Madness Ascent Madness Ascent

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Just here to drop a review with substance.

It is good, that's clear to see. But there are a couple of problems. The main one being that most of the lines are sloppy. Most for the stuff in the background and the Tricky clown's sword. Which is also another problem, when has Tricky ever used a sword? I remember him having a stop sign usually. But either item looks badass when rising from a pool of a lava. Which I assume is under them and kind of doesn't make sense. By the way, is that Jesus at the top? It seems a little inappropriate to place him on that pedestal considering the Madness series revolves around Hank and the two other dudes for the '.5' episodes. But it's a good drawing, anyone can see that, the crows are a particularly nice touch. You'll most likely be in the top 5 if not first place, good job.

Kamikaye responds:

Thanks for that insight review :D

I just watched 30 mins of diffrent madness submissions for research before doing this. And occasional episodes before that here and then. Im not really into the storyline , but I liked the style.
Jesus had too many details and space for his head with hair and beard, I wanted to lighten the pic up to the top ,so I kept him a standart guy with a halo.

Stroll Stroll

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The apocalypse looks a little too pleasant.

I understand that it's a speed painting/exercise but why is the backround so bright? It's looks like summer, I don't know about you but I don't imagine as the apocalypse being all warm and fuzzy. Sure you darken it up a little with the hangman but it's so bright and nice. I imagine the apocalypse a little darker with dark clouds on the horizon and destroyed cities in the background. I do like the smoking man however. Though the face construction is a little weird and his eyes look like those of a crystal meth addict, beard down he's fine except for two issues. His right hand As if it's outside of the sleeve but still not. And due to it looking like summer I don't know why he would have on a neck scarf, unless he likes keeping his neck warm. It's good however, considering it's a exercise.

BansheeIndian responds:

I'll definitely take the criticism on the face and the hand, that's fair enough.

As far as the other stuff goes I think it's a bit of an odd criticism. Like the content of the picture is just that, it is what it is. Maybe he's not cold maybe he's covering up from the heat, maybe he is on meth, maybe he's quitting meth cold turkey and he feels like he's freezing even if its warm outside. Maybe he's not around a city? That would explain why theres no city in the background.

Maybe after the end of the world there are still seasons and this scene happened in the summer?

I hope it doesn't sound like I'm irate, I'm not. I just think it would be silly to, let's just say, give a piece of madness art a more critical review because he doesn't have a neck or arms. That's just how he is. right?

Anyways I definitely see what you mean on that right hand it's bothering me now, i might have to fix it haha. I still can't quite place what's wrong with the face but when I get a handle on it I'll probably fix that too.

Thanks for the indepth review!

Matsumoto Picture Request Matsumoto Picture Request

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Read up on some Loomis hun.

Well, at least you have some understanding of color. But anatomy wise this a disaster. The face is bad, eyes do not come over hair, it's the other way around. The nose is way too small and so is the mouth. I know the eyes are supposed to be big in anime but that doesn't mean you need to shrink the other features. Like Turkey said, the pose looks very uncomfortable. The breasts look a little too fat considering Matsumoto isn't a hambeast. The left leg needs to be reworked. You need to learn how clothes work a little more, the right arm has a little too much wrinkles. I like the hearts though. It's an alright job, just need to study some anatomy a little more.

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amyrenee responds:

Thank you for your review :D I has a problem with anatomy haha.

just walking my octopus just walking my octopus

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It's interesting.

First off, I find the page crease a little annoying but I guess that can't be helped assuming you drew that in your sketchbook. I find the wild style of cross hatching a little bit messy but it still works, amazingly.
My favorite feature of this drawing is the reaper drawing even though his robe is a little too baggy and makes him look a little fat/large, which is fine if that's what you were going for.
I'm fine with the octopus but I wish it was clearer to distinguish it's limbs since right now I mostly see a lot of suction cups and no creases between the legs of the non-visible side of the creature.
The background is nothing special but I do find myself liking the sky blue hue that you colored it with. Overall it's a good drawing that needs a little work that most people wouldn't be able to detect. Good job.
By the way, whats the thing to the side of the reaper's hood?

Spac3case916 responds:

thank you so much for your in-depth critique. It's really appreciated.
What you said about the reaper's robes being to baggy was right on point and it brought my attention to things that i had not thought of.
I lost the octopus halfway through the sketch. It just got too messy and it was illegible. So i added a TON of suction cups in hopes that the viewer could tell what it was.

Once again, thanks so much for your critique.


Ni hao China Ni hao China

Rated 3 / 5 stars

This is cute.

But that's all the drawing has going for it. It's nothing special, the style isn't anything extraordinary. Also her arms look broken or at least awkward, even if she does have long baggy sleeves. I like the background a lot though.

VooDooDollMaster responds:

Well I'm sorry if my style isn't "special'

It's a boy

Also the sleeves look fine to me

Guardevoir Feeding tipps Guardevoir Feeding tipps

Rated 4 / 5 stars

That's just a little odd.

But hey, the art is good. Pokemon never seem to be attractive to me but if I meet one I shall follow these tips and become a wonderful trainer.
Lol at Gonzossm's comment.

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